Dresses Amman Jordanفساتين سهرة عمان الاردن
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About Us

Magenta ماجنتا

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Sweifieh, Al-Hamra Street
Fuheis -57 Baccalaureate Street

Dresses Amman Jordan فساتين سهرة عمان الاردن
Gowns Store فستان محجبات شرعي abaya Dress
Dresses Al Hamra Street فساتين شارع الحمرا

About Magenta

MAGENTA Dress Shop is a Dresses/Fashion store in Amman & Fuheis offering the latest women trends. We recognize each one of you as a unique individual and aim to make fashion fun, accessible and affordable to all our customers.

Whether you are heading to the office, stepping into the gym, attending a wedding, or going to a party, you can find exactly what you want on magentajo.com

MAGENTA Dresses is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern fashionista. It aims to offer stylish quality products at affordable prices to every user in the country.



Contact Us

  • 14 Al-Hamra Street, Sweifieh, Amman Jordan

    شارع الحمرا الصويفية، عمان الاردن

  • 57 Baccalaureate street, Fuheis Jordan

    الفحيص نزول البكالوريا الاردن

  • 0796672097

Amman Branch
14 Al Hamra Street, Sweifieh
Fuheis Branch
52 Baccalaureate Street